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Afghan Rugs

An Afghan rug is a handmade floor covering, named for the country of its production (Afghanistan). Afghan rugs may also be handmade by Afghani craftsmen who live as refugees in Pakistan and Iran. There are many types of Afghan rugs, all distinctive and varied in monetary value. Protect the beauty and value of your Afghan rug by entrusting their care to the knowledgeable professional technicians at Oriental Rug Care NY.

Typically, the rich hues found in Afghan rugs are the result of vegetable dyes. Wool, goat hair, and camel hair are commonly used materials for making the rugs themselves. Afghan rugs can be used as prayer rugs, ceremonial pieces, or as part of the design and dcor of a nomadic home. While patterns and colors can vary, among the most traditional of Afghan rug designs is that of a Bukhara print, an elephant's foot set on a deep red background. True artisans still do their own dyeing today, although pre-dyed wool yarn featuring synthetic dyes are also widely available. This is used increasingly in commercial production of Afghan rugs.

There are several types of Afghan rugs found throughout Afghanistan and surrounding regions, based on the physical location or tribal affiliation of origin. Afghan Turkestan rugs are Afghan rugs which are produced by a number of tribes situated along the border or Uzbekistan. Within this family of rugs is the Kunduz Afghan rug, which is similar in style to Persian rugs. Other tribal groups which produce Afghan Turkestan rugs include the Qarqeen, Sulayan, Maimana, Barazid, Andkhov and Alti Bolaq tribes.

The western Afghanistan region of Herat produces Herati Afghan rugs Heart is an hub of culture known for its rich artistic roots. Herati-style Afghan rugs are known for their incredible workmanship and extremely tight weave and high KSPI. Finally, the Baluch tribes from the Chakhansur region of Afghanistan produces the Baluch Afghan rugs. This type of rug is a traditional tribal rug often used for prayer and ceremony. Afghan rugs from this region are often made by women exclusively, using traditional organic dyes such as madder, indigo, and other extracts, and woven on horizontal looms. While the Afghan rugs of this region often vary in style, they nearly always contain a large dot somewhere in the design, signifying the weaver.

As Afghan rugs vary in style and in the materials creating them, it is important to make sure that the care and maintenance of the piece is performed by people you know you can trust. The experts at Oriental Rug Care NY are experienced in caring for all types of rugs made from most materials. Since 1971, we have been the professionals your community has turned to time and again for rug and carpet cleaning, repair and storage. We offer 24/7 emergency repair service, so you can be confident that when the unfortunate occurs, we are there to help. Our quality knows no competitors. We offer a satisfaction guarantee. Whether it's your Afghan rug or some other carpet or floor covering, you simply can do no better than the pros at Oriental Rug Care NY.


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