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Asian Rugs

Rugs are generally believed to have been derived from two main places globally: Western Europe and Asia. Asian rugs in general can originate from China, the Middle East, Northern Africa, Central Asia, India, or Turkey. Although a number of styles of Asian rugs exist throughout these regions, there are some basic characteristics which are consistent for all types of Asian rugs. Different types of Asian rugs are generally described and named by their geographic location: Turkish rugs come from Turkey, Caucasian rugs are produces in the Caucas region, Persian rugs hail from Persia, and so on. Over time the moniker 'Asian rugs' has come to be synonymous with them all.

The oldest known Asian rugs can be traced back to around 400 B.C., and was made in Siberia. Persian rugs, recognized to be among the most exquisite type of rug ever, originated nearly 1,000 years later in the 14th century. Common characteristics of Asian rugs include a rectangular shape and a pattern which includes a field and a border. Many Asian rugs are further characterized by the use of a central medallion or a floral pattern. Most Asian rugs are made of wool, as it is a readily available textile. Asian rugs may also contain cotton, silk, and/or jute, particularly common in the Indian regions. The hair of goats, alpacas, and camels is also used throughout the region. Asian rugs are produced both on a loom and hand-woven. Hand-woven Asian rugs are produced in China, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, and Azerbaijan.

Asian rugs utilize either a Turkish knot or a Persian knot. The vivid patterns often feature a variety of colors. You can best maintain the life of your Asian rugs by keeping it in a dry area, away from direct light and high traffic. Asian rugs should be vacuumed as needed to keep free of dust. In the event of a spill, solid matter should be removed from Asian rugs and liquids blotted up straight away. A mild solution of club soda can be used on the stain as an emergency measure. The rug should be allowed to air dry, as heat may damage the fibers or lock in a stain. Rug cleaning experts like our pros at Oriental Rug Care NY should be brought in as soon as possible to prevent further, possibly permanent, damage.

Oriental Rug Care NY has nearly 40 years of experience caring for all types of Asian rugs, as well as domestic floor coverings. Our business is about you, our customer, and providing you the best carpet appraisal, cleaning, storage, repair and restoration services possible. When it comes to excellence, our quality knows no competition. We offer 24/7 emergency services, so you can be assured that when the unexpected occurs, you can expect unparalleled service from Oriental Rug Care NY. Your satisfaction is guaranteed. If you are looking to revive the colors of your Asian rugs, repair the damage done by a child or a beloved pet, or just want to protect your investment with routine scheduled maintenance and care, then look no further than Oriental Rug Care NY.


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