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Caucasian Rugs

A popular choice of floor coverings, Caucasian rugs are so named for the region in which they were originally produced, in the Caucasus Mountains and surrounding regions. This region is hemmed in by the Black Sea, the Caspian Sea, Russia, Turkey and Iran. The area produces quite distinctive rugs, dating back to the 18th century, if not earlier. Typically, Caucasian rugs are rustic in nature, featuring striking geometric designs and bold primary colors. Until the advent of synthetic dyes, Caucasian rugs owed their color exclusively to vegetable dyes. Regardless of the type of Caucasian rug you might have, the rug cleaning and maintenance experts at Oriental Rug Care NY are knowledgeable of the techniques and methods needed to help keep your rug looking beautiful. We have an established record of excellent service in the Tri-State area, and are happy to extend that excellent service to you!

There are several types of Caucasian rugs, based on the tribal area within the Caucasus region in which the rug was made. Caucasian rug types include: Lesghi, Genje, Daghestan, Kazak, Kuba (with subtypes Seichur, ChiChi, and Perepedil), Moghan, Karabagh, Talish, and Shirvan. Caucasian rugs typically feature a Turkish, Giordes, or Persian knot, and wool pile. The warp and weft threads can be made of wool, goat hair, and occasionally cotton. Because of a depressed warp, the backs of Caucasian rugs have a corrugated look to them.

Around the 1930's, 19th Century Caucasian rugs began to rise in popularity in Europe and the United States. During the sixties and seventies Caucasian rugs were extremely collectible. Even today, older Caucasian rugs in reasonable condition are of considerable value in most markets, and are generally available via specialist antique Caucasian rug dealers.

Today, the Caucasus region produces few Caucasian rugs. However, the style born in this region is kept alive in surrounding countries. Many nations continue to create pieces in the style of tradition Caucasian rugs, keeping to the traditional materials of wool, goat hair, and organic vegetable dyes. Previously Turkey was best known for the production of Caucasian rugs, but as Turkey's economy and cultured have westernized, Turkey has become less of a competitor with rug-making. The price of the materials and the finished products make Caucasian rugs from Turkey less competitive than those from other countries. Afghanistan and Pakistan are emerging as major producers of Caucasian rugs today.

If you own a Caucasian rug or are considering purchasing one, it is important to insure that the rug is cared for properly, with regular maintenance. The fibers and knotting of Caucasian rugs make it necessary to treat them with care, to avoid to damage to such as valuable piece. Don't trust your Caucasian rugs to just any Oriental rug care company. The professionals at Oriental Rug Care NY are trained specialists with experience in cleaning, restoring and repair of a variety of types of specialty rugs. We understand what it takes to maintain the beauty and value of Caucasian rugs. Call us today for a consultation. Your satisfaction is guaranteed.


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