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Carpet Dust Mite & Allergy Prevention

Of all the allergens that plague asthma and allergy patients, dust mites are the most common culprits. In fact, eight out of every ten people who suffer from asthma and allergies have a dust mite allergy. A dust mite allergy can trigger horrific asthmatic attacks. These microscopic organisms feed off of dead skin cells, and lurk in places where sloughed off skin cells are easily found. The dust mite allergy-causing agent isn't the organism itself, but the feces it produces. Dust mite allergy sufferers might be surprised and alarmed to learn that dust mites can be found throughout the home, including in rugs and other carpeting, within upholstered furnishings, on clothing, in mattresses, sheets, and even in your car! It is important to note that such places provide the perfect breeding ground for dust mites and dust mite allergy-causing agents, and thus must be cared for properly to insure that dust mite allergy symptoms are kept to a minimum.

Dust mite allergy sufferers can avoid attacks or lessen the severity of them by treating the areas in which dust mite allergy agents exist commonly. This might include regular mattress cleaning, as well as cleaning of upholsteries and rugs. Dust mite allergy sufferers can also kill dust mites on small area rugs and on other smaller items such as stuffed animals by placing these items in the sun for several hours or sealing them in a plastic bag in the freezer overnight. However, this may not be a practical approach to take for priceless or valuable items which might fade or be damaged with exposure to excess light or drastic climate changes. For bigger items as well, other options of getting rid of dust mite allergy-causing agents must be employed. An air purifier won't kill dust mites, but it will help to clean the air and keep the air clear of dust mite allergy-causing agents. Vacuuming your rugs and upholstery regularly with a HEPA vacuum cleaner will also reduce dust mite allergy-causing agents. Treating your carpets, mattresses, and other areas regularly will also help to eliminate dust mite allergy-causing agents and other related allergens.

Of course, with so many of us leading increasingly busy lives, fighting a dust mite allergy just might be more than one can handle alone. Professional help may be the best route to keeping dust mite allergy-causing agents from getting out of control. The experts at Oriental Rug Care NY can help. We possess the innovative technology and experience to help you effectively fight dust mite allergy issues. We use environmentally-safe methods and materials, so you'll never have to worry that your home's dust mite allergy treatments might harm your family or your pets. We are dedicated to making your home or office as clean and clear of dust mite allergy agents as possible, and will carefully analyze your problem to determine a maintenance regimen that is right for you.


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