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Karastan Rugs

Karastan rugs were the 1920's brainchild of Marshall Field and Company. In a North Carolina mill, Marshall Field created a textile miracle - a high quality Oriental rug that looked every bit as authentic as its hand-woven counterpart, with two differences: it was made on a loom machine, and it was very reasonably priced. The new rugs were sophisticated, and almost impossible to discern from imported Oriental rugs. The Karastan rugs brand was an instant hit.

What made Karastan rugs popular from the beginning was its wonderful durability. This was proven at the 1933-34 Chicago World's Fair. Just for this event a Karastan rug using its Kirman pattern. But this Karastan rug wasn't for display. To prove the quality of the Karastan rug, its manufacturers put the rug out and allowed the public to walk on it throughout the entire event. The rug was made so dirty with food, dirt, and other soils that the pattern was no longer recognizable. But the makers of Karastan rugs didn't flinch. They cleaned one side of the Karastan rug and allowed the public to see the miracle: As filthy as the Karastan rug had been made during the fair, it was returned to its flawless original and luster! To prove that this was no trick the makers of Karastan rugs repeated the feat at the New York World's Trade Fair in 1939-1940. From that moment on, Karastan rugs were known as the "Wonder Rugs of America." Karastan rugs are made with a power loom and are constructed using a singular interlocked unit. Karastan rugs also feature worsted wool imported from New Zealand, and are finished with a patented Karastan Luster Wash to seal and protect the rug's fibers. With a variety of styles, colors and designs to choose from, Karastan rugs are among the most flexible pieces with which to decorate and vary your decor. Karastan rugs are extremely durable, which make them an excellent choice for homes with high levels of activity and traffic from pets, children, and other family members.

As Karastan rugs represent a significant investment for the owner, they should only be cleaned professionally, and only by a reputable Oriental rug cleaning team with knowledge of how to work with wool, and Karastan rugs, specifically. Professional cleaning of your Karastan rug will insure that your Karastan rugs will be beautiful for years to come. You should also be proactive in your care of Karastan rugs. Wool fiber is a natural repellent of moisture - many permanent stains from liquids can be avoided if blotted up from Karastan rugs immediately. Do-it-yourself cleaning and treating of your Karastan rugs can ruin them - professional cleaning is the best protection against this.

The professionals at Oriental Rug Care NY have been in the business of caring for Karastan rugs and other Oriental rugs for nearly four decades. We are highly knowledgeable and experienced in this. We provide excellent service and outstanding results, and provide free pick up and delivery of your Karastan rugs. If your Karastan rugs are in need of cleaning and maintenance, call on Oriental Rug Care NY, the number one name in carpet cleaning and restoration.


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