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Vegetable Rug Dyeing NY

Basic info about vegetable rug dyeing

Oriental Rug Care NY takes pride in using only non-toxic, environmentally friendly solutions both for cleaning and dyeing. Because we consider this so important, we only use vegetable rug dyeing techniques for rug restoration. The synthetic dyes invented in 1856 have a long history of problems, with metals used in the dyes contaminating waterways and chemicals used in the dyes affecting the health of those who work with them. Vegetable rug dyeing was used before synthetic dyes were invented, and to this day remains the best way to dye rugs. Vegetable rug dyeing leads to more beautiful, longer-lasting rug colors that hold up even under prolonged exposure to direct sunlight. At Oriental Rug Care NY, we believe that vegetable rug dyeing is best both for the environment and for our customers.

Three of the most common vegetable dyeing materials are larkspur, indigo, and madder. Vegetable dyers create madder by boiling the madder plant's roots in the dye pot after drying and chunking them. Madder dye produces a red color. Indigo was originally created through the extraction and fermentation of indican from an indigo plant's leaves. Indigo dye can produce a variety of blue and purple shades, but its base form is a very dark blue. Larkspur production involves crushing and then boiling the larkspur plant's stems, flowers, and leaves. Larkspur dye is a shade of gold. Achieving different shades of dye colors involves using the same dye multiple times. The more times it is used, the lighter the dye color is. The vegetable rug dyeing experts at Oriental Rug Care NY have extensive training and expertise in vegetable rug dyeing techniques.

Another important vegetable rug dyeing technique involves combining colors in much the same way that painters do. While many colors cannot be produced through existing vegetable dye colors, a rug can be dyed in two colors in order to produce the desired color. For instance, if you want green in your rug or rug, it will need to be dyed both blue and yellow. As with paint, combining the colors produces the desired color. While this may not be as easy as using a synthetic green dye, the vegetable rug dyeing professionals at Oriental Rug Care NY believe the results - and the environment - are worth the extra trouble.

Many of our competitors look for the easy solution when restoring rugs and rugs. At Oriental Rug Care NY, we believe that quality is the single most important factor in making sure our customers are satisfied. Quality has no competition. We use the highest quality vegetable rug dyeing techniques to ensure that your rug is more beautiful than ever. By using vegetable rug dyeing, we make sure that you get the longest-lasting, highest-quality colors while also protecting the environment from the pollution created by synthetic dyes. If you want to make sure that your rug is beautiful as it can possibly be, look no further than the vegetable dyeing experts at Oriental Rug Care NY. Our highest priority is your total and complete satisfaction.


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