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Carpet Stretching NY

Some Info about carpet stretching

Flip through a home improvement magazine or through your favorite home improvement programming channels, and you will see that carpet remains among the most popular floor covering options available. Consistent Maintenance is the key to keeping your carpet in tip-top form. During a carpets life, normal wear and tear may make carpet stretching necessary as carpets may develop buckles, pull away from walls, or form pockets of bubbles. Carpet stretching with a power carpet stretching device may restore your carpet to its former glory, and can be a much preferred option to full-on replacement.

The goal of carpet stretching is to pull the carpet taut again as it was when it was freshly installed. Carpet stretching is best done using a power stretcher. Many hardware stores rent power stretchers, making it possible but not necessarily easy for the do-it-yourselfer to complete a carpet stretching project on their own. When carpet stretching is done properly, your carpet will be virtually buckle-, wrinkle- and bubble free. For this reason, it is often advisable and more cost effective to leave the job of carpet stretching to the professionals like Oriental Rug Care NY.

Prior to attempting carpet stretching, you will want to remove all the furniture from the room where the carpet stretching will take place. Note that should you decide to repair or restore your carpet with carpet stretching, you will want to be sure to perform carpet stretching of the entire rug in a room at one time to ensure uniform, satisfactory results. You wont be able to stretch those areas where obstacles exist. If there are tack strips around the walls or entryways, make sure to loosen them before performing a carpet stretching. Since carpet stretching almost always increases the length of the carpet, you can trim the excess and reattach the strips when the carpet stretching is complete.

Next, inspect your carpet to locate any bunching up of rug padding that may have occurred. You will want to remove the excess padding before continuing with the carpet stretching. As carpet stretching progresses, the carpet will reposition itself especially around vents and doorways. Its a good idea to have some spare scraps of carpet on hand. You can seam pieces into the existing carpet to accommodate any repositioning which takes place during the carpet stretching. You might also want to keep some seam sealer adhesive on hand to address unraveling carpet edges. This is a common problem with older carpets. Carpet stretching prolongs the life of carpet by reducing the amount of wear and tear on it. Every time someone steps on or walks over a bubble, wrinkle or buckle, the carpet is unnaturally flexed. This can cause one spot on the carpet to wear away more quickly than the rest of the carpet. Carpet stretching not only prevents this wear, but it also prevents accidents that can happen when the unsuspecting person trips over bunched or buckled carpet. To ensure the best results, leave the carpet stretching to our experts at Oriental Rug Care NY.

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