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Chinese Rugs

Chinese rugs include a wide variety of rugs that use different materials, weaving methods, and designs. The nature of a Chinese rug depends on the era and region in which it was produced. The combination of Western influences and government control of the rug industry have changed the nature of Chinese rugs in recent decades, but traditional Chinese rugs all have certain common characteristics which make them easy to recognize. They use a much more limited palette of colors than many other Oriental rugs. In addition, the images used tend to have specific meanings rather than simply functioning as decoration. The Chinese rug experts at Oriental Rug Care NY have a great deal of expertise in all types of Chinese rugs, from thousand-year-old antique rugs to modern manufactured Chinese rugs.

Chinese rugs made before the 20th century are very easy to distinguish from other Oriental rugs. The main colors used in Chinese rugs are blue, yellow, black, brown, white, and red. They are used in various shades to create different effects. Yellow and blue are two of the most common colors used because of their symbolic meaning: yellow is symbolic of the earth, and blue of the sky. Originally, yellow was commonly used as the background color of the rug, but during the 19th century blue began to be used for this purpose. Chinese rugs are usually made with 5-ply yarn rather than the 2-ply yarn used in Persian rugs. Some Chinese rugs are carved to add texture to the patterns. At Oriental Rug Care NY, we can restore Chinese rugs no matter what colors or techniques were used to create them. We can revive the colors of any Chinese rug and reweave it in order to repair and strengthen the rug.

One of the most distinguishing characteristics of Chinese rugs is their use of symbols and motifs with definite meanings. While most Oriental rugs are decorative only, each Chinese rug can actually be interpreted if you know the meanings of the various symbols. The symbolic nature of Chinese rugs means that they sometimes aren't organized into a single design the way many Oriental rugs are. Dragons are frequently used on Chinese rugs, symbolizing the power and authority of the emperor. However, many of the symbols used are subject to multiple interpretations, depending on the region of origin of the Chinese rug. No matter what your Chinese rug symbolizes, Oriental Rug Care NY will always work hard to make sure you are satisfied.

While Chinese rugs can vary greatly in make and appearance, the one thing they all have in common is their value to their owners. If you own a Chinese rug and want to make sure that it retains its beauty and strength, contact the Chinese rug cleaning and restoration professionals at Oriental Rug Care NY. We have the knowledge and experience needed to make sure that your rug is cleaned thoroughly, and if it is damaged in any way we can restore it to excellent condition. Look no further than Oriental Rug Care NY for all your Chinese rug cleaning and restoration needs.

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