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Cotton Rugs

Cotton rugs are among the most flexible and versatile floor coverings around. Cotton is a fresh flexible fabric that takes to most dyes as well various rug weaving methods. Cotton rugs are beautiful and last for years, and are a great substitute for those with wool allergies. Your cotton rugs need regular maintenance and care to stay looking its very best. The expert technicians at Oriental Rug Care NY have the experience and the know how to keep your cotton rugs looking stunning for years to come.

Cotton is an organic fiber which is derived from the seedpod of a cotton plant. The fibers are spun and twisted into tensile strands which are then further twisted to form dense fibers. These fibers can be woven into a number of products, including clothing, bed linens, and of course – cotton rugs. Cotton is also commonly used for the backing of a rug, or as part of the trim. However, many types of all-cotton rugs exist. Any type of rug – from ornate Orientals and Europeans, to standard rag rugs and prairie rugs – can be fashioned from cotton. Cotton is soft, but sturdy, and takes on dye well, traits which make it an ideal material with which to work.

Braided colonial cotton rugs have long been a favorite of pioneer and country home. Originally, these cotton rugs were made to repurpose cotton scraps. To make these cotton rugs, cotton cloth was rolled and then braided into a mat. The Amish still use a similar approach with cotton for flat-weaving cotton rugs today. The result was a beautiful, sturdy work that was colorful and charming. Cotton rugs can also be made by blending cotton with other materials such as chenille and nylon to create mats and rugs. In addition to Colonial style rugs, cotton rugs can be hand hooked, done in the style of a cascade rug or shag, and often feature scenes from nature, including floral motifs, latticework, exotic plants, fruits, and the like, making cotton rugs a popular choice for dining room, kitchen, and living room floor coverings.

Cotton rugs are relatively easy to clean using a variety of cleaning methods. However, as with most organic fibers, you won't want to allow cotton rugs to stay wet for long periods of time, so it is important to act quickly in the case of flood emergencies, and to use a carpet cleaning service that has the equipment to properly extract water from a cotton rug during the course of the cleaning. This will add to the life of your cotton rugs.

Since 1971 Oriental Rug Care NY has been serving the people of the Tri-State area with quality rug care services. Our specialists are highly trained in all cleaning methods and can be onsite within 24 hours at times which are convenient to you, so you never have to miss a beat. We provide emergency repair and restoration services as well as routine maintenance for our commercial and residential clientele. Whether it's your cotton rugs or your heirloom pieces, Oriental Rug Care provides excellent service at a phenomenal price.

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