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Custom Made Rugs

In planned neighborhoods, it isn't uncommon to find 'cookie cutter' houses, featuring identical designs inside and out. For this reason, homeowners often try to add distinction to their homes with innovative decor. A custom made rug can fulfill this need, and can open up a whole new world to homeowners with special design needs and considerations, such as larger rooms, hallways and stairways. Businesses can use custom made rugs as part of their marketing and branding as well. Whatever your custom made rug needs might be, look no further than Oriental Rug Care NY for excellence in custom made rug care, maintenance and repair.

As housing styles have evolved, trends have moved toward homes with more unique floor plans and bigger rooms. These variations can make it difficult to purchase rugs, which often come in standardized sizes. More commonly than not, custom made rugs can be ordered by either consulting with a retail custom made rug distributer, or contacting a custom made rug manufacturer directly. Custom made rugs make it easy to create your dream space at home or at work. That extra-wide staircase, or that super large family room is no match for a custom made rug manufacturer.

Many manufacturers also offer handcrafted custom made rugs in custom shapes and sizes. Oriental, Persian, and distributors of many other types of rugs offer custom made rug services. Some will even match color combinations, fabric selections and preferred shapes, if you send in swatches and samples of your preferences. The beauty of handmade custom made rugs is that they can be crafted easily to create any shape or style. Most manufacturers offer this service for a relatively small nominal fee, and will even let you mix and match design elements to create a custom made rug to compliment your overall decorating theme.

The benefit of custom made rugs is that you choose the materials, the design, and ultimately, your budget. Knowing exactly what your custom made rugs are made of also mean that you are better aware of the rugs cleaning and maintenance needs. The professionals at Oriental Rug Care NY can help you to make the most of your custom made rugs and the sizable investment they represent. We can advise you on the best approach to cleaning your custom made rugs based on the materials and dyes used to create them, and provide you with excellent service at a great price! And, should a flood or fire damage your custom made rug, we offer a 24/7 emergency repair and restoration service to minimize and reverse and repair any long-term consequences of any accident. Custom made rugs make the possibilities for decorating your home or office limitless. Whether it's a certain size you need or various patterns and colors that you wish to feature or incorporate into your decor, most custom made rug manufacturers can accommodate you. If your desire is for more of an oriental or eastern flair, many custom made rug manufacturers have master weavers on staff to make handmade Oriental, Indian, Pakistani, and other Eastern-style custom made rugs.

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