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Domestic Rugs

The term "domestic rugs" is a blanket term for any type of rug that is manufactured in the United States. There are many different types of domestic rugs, many of which are designed to imitate rugs from other regions, such as Persian rugs and Chinese rugs. Other domestic rugs have unique features that can only be found in U.S.-manufactured rugs. The vast majority of the plain, single-color rugs that can be found in people's homes are also domestic rugs. While many of these domestic rugs may lack the artistic value that can be found in Oriental or European rugs, the United States is nevertheless the number one producer—and consumer—of rugs and carpets in the world. Not only that, but there are some domestic rugs that can stand on their own as art forms unique to the United States.

Broadly speaking, there are two main types of domestic rugs: pile rugs and flat rugs. The most important types of domestic pile rugs are Axminster rugs, Brussels rugs, Wilton rugs, chenille rugs, velvet rugs, and Smyrna rugs. The most important domestic flat rugs include fiber rugs, rag rugs, ingrain rugs, grass rugs, hooked rugs, and terry rugs. Axminster and Wilton rugs are both named after the English towns where they were originally made. Chenille rugs are French in origin. Of the domestic pile rugs, Wilton rugs and Brussels rugs tend to hold up the best to wear and tear, and Smyrna rugs are distinguished by being identical on both top and bottom. Hooked rugs and rag rugs are probably the most distinctly American rugs types, as they started out in rural areas of New England.

Today, the vast majority of domestic rugs are produced by machine. Even rugs which started out as domestic crafts, such as hooked rugs, are now largely machine-produced. Machine techniques are even used to dye rugs according to prints, allowing mass production of popular styles of rugs, including imitations of Oriental rugs. However, the fact that a rug is produced by machine does not necessarily mean that it is completely lacking in quality. On the contrary, some machine-made rugs are durable, high-quality rugs which are more than adequate for any home. What they may lack in artistic value is often made up for in practicality and durability.

Any rug that you have made part of your home is important to you and your family, from the most expensive and well-made domestic rug to the inexpensively-manufactured rug that may only last you a couple of years. At Oriental Rug Care NY, our mission is to keep your rugs clean and free of harmful contaminants while adding years to the life of your rug. Regular cleaning of your domestic rug is the best way to extend its life while improving your family's health. The domestic rug cleaners at Oriental Rug Care NY are well-trained and highly-qualified to clean any domestic rug brought before us. We offer free pick-up and delivery to our local customers and accept shipping from all 50 states. Look no further than Oriental Rug Care NY for all your domestic rug cleaning needs.

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