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Pakistan Rugs

The history of rug weaving can be traced to the region in which Pakistan is situated today. Excavations of the Indus River Valley Civilization prove that looms were used to produce what is believed to be the first known textiles. When Pakistan separated from India, most of the Muslim weavers moved to the Pakistan side, and found jobs in Karachi and Lahore as masters in their trade, developing the Pakistan rugs industry which continues today.

Pakistan rugs are typically made of imported wool, particularly Australian wool, which is treated to yield a luster much like silk. Pakistan rugs feature patterns that are reminiscent of their Persian counterparts. Some Pakistan rugs are also inspired by Caucasian carpets, and as such are given the name "Kazak Fine." Pakistan rugs also have a high not density, like Persian rugs, but are sold at a significantly lower price than its Persian counterpart.

Pakistan rugs have been mass produced commercially since the late 1940's. Today, Pakistan rugs are more often than not mass produced in Karachi, Lahore, and Rawalpind. There are several types of Pakistan rugs. Mori Pakistan rugs feature Turkmenistanian patterns such as Bohkara, and feature a single warp. The Bohkhara is characterized by varying colors interwoven into a repeating Gul design. Other Pakistan rugs, in contrast, are characterized by their double warp. Zeigler Pakistan rugs feature patterns copied from older traditions in the Arak region in Persia. Other names under which Pakistan rugs are produces include Peshawar, Multan, Bahawalpur, Quetta, and Hyderabad, among others. The dominate color on Pakistan rugs is red, but other colors are often infused into the patterns.

The Pakistan rugs of today are noted for their 16/18 Persian weave. Tribal rugs which utilize Caucasian styling and designs are also popular as well as Peshawar and Agra rugs. 16/18 Pakistan rugs are famous for their use of fine wools and modern colors and patterns, including Persian floral designs. 16/18 Pakistan rugs have a Persian knot and a high knot density of 200-300 KPSI. Generally, Pakistan rugs of this type use chemical dyes, although several manufacturers have begun to use quality natural dyes as well. The Pakistan rugs of this category depict designs typical of Persian rugs.

Here at Oriental Rug Care NY, we are trained to clean and care for all types of rugs, including Pakistan rugs. Being made of wool, Pakistan rugs can be cleaned using different methods, but only a trained and experienced professional can correctly analyze your Pakistan rug and determine its cleaning needs. We can clean, maintain, repair and restore your Pakistan rugs, as well as all of your other flooring. We serve commercial and residential clients throughout the Tri-State area. We offer 24-hour emergency flood and fire services, so you need not worry when disaster strikes or the unexpected occurs. Your Pakistan rugs represent an investment, and for that reason it is important to maintain their value through proper cleaning and maintenance. Call us today to schedule a consultation or cleaning of your Pakistan rugs.

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