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Persian Rugs

The art of making rugs and carpets is widely believed to have originated in Persia, now known as Iran. Because of the long and varied history of Persian rugs, it is almost impossible to describe a common set of characteristics that all Persian rugs possess. Persian rugs went through periods of greatness under rulers who encouraged the art. However, under Persian rulers who cared little for art, the quality of the Persian rugs tended to suffer. As a result, there are ancient examples of Persian rugs which are comparable to the best modern rugs and other rugs from later times that have little value in terms of artistry or technique. Most of the Persian rugs in existence today were made from 1500 A.D. to the present day, and they can be found throughout the world in museums, palaces, private collections, and even private homes. At Oriental Rug Care NY, we are experts in all types of Persian rugs. We can clean and restore any Persian rug, whether it is a valuable antique or the finest rug to come out of modern Iran.

Most experts believe that the art of rug and carpet making began in Persia about 3500 years ago. Because of the decay of carpet materials over time, as well as the destruction of ancient carpets and rugs during the many invasions of Persia, very few examples now exist of ancient Persian rugs. Some historical documents describe in great detail some of the famous Persian rugs which are now lost to history. There are a small number of ancient Persian rug examples that have been found, dating from as far back as the third century A.D. There are also examples dating back to the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries, but there are many gaps in the history of Persian rugs not covered by examples or by historical documentation. However, perhaps the most important ancient rug in existence today is the Pazyryk carpet, which was found, preserved in the ice, in Siberia. It dates back to the 5th century B.C. and used highly advanced weaving techniques and dyes. The artistic motifs found on the rug were also highly advanced, including horsemen and mythical creatures. Experts generally agree that the techniques used in this carpet were the result of a thousand years of carpet and rug making, which is why most experts believe that the true history of Persian rugs dates back 3500 years.

Persian rugs have varied greatly over time and each authentic Persian rug is a unique artistic creation. Despite this, there are certain common characteristics that can be found in most examples of Persian rugs. Floral motifs, including buds and blossoms, are often combined with vines and tendrils. This is particularly true of antique Persian rugs. These tended to be surrounded by arabesques, geometrical patterns that repeated to create harmonious effects. Modern Persian rugs tend to use solid colors for the background, with features such as central medallions. The borders reflect the floral motifs of old, though sometimes done in a more realistic style than before. Blue, red, green, and brown are the predominant colors of Persian carpets, used in different shades to achieve the desired effects. Persian rug makers are perhaps most renowned for their careful use of color, which is as true of today's carpets made in Iran as it was of the ancient Persian carpets which were highly prized throughout the civilized world.

Authentic Persian rugs are beautiful treasures which must be taken care of to be properly maintained and preserved. At Oriental Rug Care NY, we are experts in Persian rugs of all eras. We understand the cleaning and restoration methods that should be used with Persian rugs in order to maintain or restore their beauty. If you ever need your Persian rug cleaned or restored, look no further than the Persian Rug experts at Oriental Rug Care NY. We offer free pick-up and delivery for local customers and accept shipping from all 50 states. No matter where you live, why settle for less than the best? At Oriental Rug Care NY, our highest priority is your total and complete satisfaction. Oriental Rug Care NY can take care of all your Persian rug cleaning and restoration needs.

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