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Silk Rugs

If you own a silk rug or are interested in purchasing one, then you can appreciate the regal beauty that silk rugs possess. Turkish silk rugs are absolutely exquisite, and require special care and maintenance to stay looking its best. The technicians at Oriental Rug Care NY know how to keep even the most delicate silk rugs in top condition.

Turkish silk rugs include those made with natural and artificial silk. What's the difference? Lots, when it comes to cleaning and maintaining the integrity of the piece. Real silk is the material which creates the covering the cocoon of a silkworm, or Asian silk moth caterpillar. A single silk fiber can extend several thousand feet in length. The silk is harvested by boiling or heating the cocoons and unraveling the fibers of the cocoon by hand. The strands are then plied and spun to create silk thread or yarn. Silk has a high tensile strength – even stronger than nylon. When dyed, silk takes on color well to produce a rich, full color with a distinctive luster and sheen. Thus, silk rugs made with natural silk are equally distinct and beautiful. Artificial silk is made from a material other than the fibers of a silkworm cocoon. Commonly artificial silk is made from mercerized cotton, but can be made from rayon or a synthetic blend of chemically altered fibers. In all cases, the materials are treated chemically to cause the threads – and the resulting fabric – to increase in sheen and tensile strength. Artificial silk looks like its genuine counterpart, and its use significantly reduces the value of a silk rug, making it an excellent choice if you want the beauty of a silk rug without risk of loss of investment. It is necessary to know the differences between them when it comes to the maintenance and care of your silk rug. Our technicians can analyze your rug to determine the materials which comprise it, and tailor a care and maintenance plan based on your silk rugs individual needs.

Silk rugs are far more expensive than traditional Turkish, Persian, or Oriental pieces fashioned from cotton or wool. Silk rugs do not tend to last as long as rugs made of wool. Therefore, proper maintenance is important. Silk rugs must be cleaned with care to prevent premature breakdown of the silk fibers, which creates an undesirable 'shiny' effect on the carpet's surface. Additionally, silk rugs are more prone to rotting or deterioration of the fibers. It is important that prolonged contact with moisture be avoided. Because of these special considerations, you must be careful when choosing a company to help maintain and clean your silk rugs. Not all rugs are alike, and we get it. Personalized, professional care with consistent, high-quality results is we are all about, not just for silk rugs, but for all rugs. Protect your investment by calling Oriental Rug Care NY for all of your rug care and maintenance needs. Contact us now for a consultation and estimate.

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