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Sisal Rugs

Sisal rugs are rugs which are made from the fibers of the Agave sisalana plant, a cactus bush native to the sub-tropical regions of Brazil, Mexico, and Africa. The fibers are harvested from the spiky stems and leaves of this lush tropical plant, and they produce a rug with a natural, earthy look, a smooth surface, and a long-wearing surface that is homey while at the same time sophisticated and savvy in appearance. Sisal rugs are becoming a popular choice of professional home decorators and homeowners alike.

As Agave sisalana is a member of the cactus family, it tends to grow best in desert climates as well as arid areas. Its tensile fibers are often farmed and harvested for the purpose of making rope and twine. The stalks are cut, dried, and then treated to create a tan-colored material. This is what gives the finished rugs their overall appearance.

Sisal rugs have many benefits. The fibers are naturally stain resistant, making sisal rugs a good choice for homes and environments with children or pets. They don't build up static electricity, and they are very durable, resisting wear patterning. In addition to being durable, they are quite versatile, blending easily with most decors. They are a great choice for high traffic areas within the home. Some sisal rugs are also made by combining sisal fibers with other materials, such as cotton, wool, or seagrass to create a final work which provides the benefits of each material. Sisal rugs featuring a 60/40 blend of wool and sisal are increasingly popular because they are durable, while at the same time very soft and warm.

Even with their characteristically tan hue, sisal rugs can be trimmed with fabrics and materials of any color. Custom sisal rugs are very popular among homeowners who like the durability of sisal rugs but want to add color to coordinate with existing home d├ęcor. Many custom rug manufacturers offer these services. Whether you want to add a trim to match the fabric and color of a tablecloth, couch, or even your favorite throw, the design possibilities for customizing your sisal rugs are endless. Sisal rugs are not meant for use in damp areas, or areas with high humidity. For this reason, it is best to keep sisal rugs out of the kitchen, the bathrooms or the mud room. Because the material used to create sisal rugs is organic, it will absorb moisture and develop water stains. Care must be taken when cleaning sisal rugs as well. If the rug is made of all natural fibers, or is pure sisal, hot water extraction should be avoided and a dry cleaning method used. Sisal rugs made from a combination of sisal and another material can be cleaned using a wet method, but excess water should be avoided to prevent shrinkage and puckering of the rug. Not sure which is best for your sisal rugs? It's best to call in a professional, one who knows how to treat the natural fibers of sisal and understands the delicate nature of sisal rugs. The experts at Oriental Rug Care NY have been taking care of the rugs and carpets of our community for nearly 40 years, and have the knowledge to care for sisal rugs, oriental rugs, and other floor coverings. We accept shipping from all 50 states, so anyone can receive the benefit of our professional and high-quality work, regardless of where they live. When it comes to the care of your sisal rugs and other flooring, look no further than the best: Oriental Rug Care NY

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