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Tree of Life Rugs

The idea of a 'tree-of-life' and its meaning has existed for centuries, and been referenced in science, mythology, religion and other realms of academia. At its most basic, the tree of life is represented a tree of many branches which stand as a metaphor for how all life on Earth is connected and the liveliness of the spirit. The tree of life is depicted differently in different religions and cultures, and is a key feature in many artworks throughout within each. It is commonly depicted and patterned in Persian and Navajo rug works. Tree of Life rugs are a popular choice of flooring, and popular choice for wall hangings.

Tree of life rugs, also known as Tree rugs earn distinction as a representation of one of the most timeless religious symbols of human life, its use preceding Christianity and Islam. Ancient cultures throughout Europe and Asia view the tree of life as a link between man and heaven. Often, in Oriental rug producing areas, Tree of Life rugs are produced as prayer rugs. In Islam, the Tree of Life remains an important metaphor for the pathway between Heaven, Earth, and the underworld of Hell. Persian Tree of Life Rugs, like other rugs from the Middle Eastern regions, are known for their use of reds and blues, and elaborate depiction of animals surrounding a bountiful tree which springs forth from a vase.

The depiction of the Tree of Life in Navajo cultures originated in the Northern region of the Navajo Nation. Navajo Tree of Life rugs feature a cornstalk or tree springing forth from a basket. Navajo Tree of Life rugs also depict brightly colored birds perched on the branches and around the tree. Navajo Tree of Life rugs feature a pale background with a dark border which appear in striking contrast to the vivid colors of the birds. Other animals, flowers and vines may also be woven into the design of a Navajo Tree of Life rug.

Because Tree of Life rugs are made of materials such as silk or wool (depending on its intended purpose, and cultural practices), care must be taken to maintain its beauty. Like Oriental rugs, Tree of Life rugs should be cleaned by professionals who are familiar with methods of cleaning and preserving archival-quality pieces. The professional team at Oriental Rug Care NY is experienced with cleaning, preserving, and storing of Tree of Life rugs and a myriad of other types of carpeting. With expertise in caring for all types of rugs, Oriental Rug Care NY offers a guarantee of work done fast and done right – every time. Oriental Rug Care NY provides round the clock service, so you can be confident your needs will be met, even in the event of an emergency. We accept shipping from all fifty states, so you can experience the best in rug care whether you are across the street or across the country. Call Oriental Rug Care NY today for a consultation.

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